Phastar non-profit group begins Community Paramedicine program in Cuyahoga County

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Phastar non-profit group begins Community Paramedicine program in Cuyahoga County

Note: PHASTAR’s Community Paramedicine program was featured on News Channel 5 WEWS during a broadcast on March 13, 2018. Below is the article from their website, followed by a video of the story featuring PHASTAR that aired.

CLEVELAND – Each and every day, Dee Vanyo wakes up and checks in on her health.

But it’s not from her doctor’s office. Instead, it’s right inside her home using equipment from Phastar’s Community Paramedicine program.

It’s a new trend taking over in healthcare.

Phastar, a non-profit organization, designed the program to improve the quality of health in Cuyahoga County.

Their goal is to decrease the amount of 911 calls made, as well as ease the burden off existing healthcare programs.

“By having the equipment, you feel obligated to not only to yourself, but to the company you’re working with,” Vanyo said.

Once Vanyo checks her numbers, the information is automatically transferred to a community health officer with Phastar, as well as her doctor. This gives both offices a record of her health trends.

“It also shows if you need help – which is the most important,” Vanyo said. “It could be the difference between life and death. I could wake up one morning and my blood pressure could be sky high and I would never know it.”

Phastar’s CEO, Drew Ferguson, said the program could come in handy during emergencies so that paramedics have a better understanding of a patient’s health history.

“They can look at a one week trend, a three to six month trend and see what’s going on with that patient,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson also said the program can help elderly people live in their homes longer.

“This will allow them to age at home as long as possible, addressing their medical needs, addressing their social needs,” he said.

Phastar is currently looking to expand the program throughout Cuyahoga County.