Testimonials from patients who participated in our initial Community Paramedicine Pilot Program:


“It makes us feel safe, and having the defibrillator and monitoring equipment gives us peace of mind.”

PATIENT PROFILE- Age: 87 YOM. Medical Conditions: Heart Disease, breathing issues, & diabetes.


“I feel like I have better control of everything going on, and it gives me a better picture of what I’m facing. It helps me to learn what causes increases in my blood pressure and how changes in my diet affect my health . It also gives my wife peace of mind if she needs to leave the house.”

PATIENT PROFILE- Age: 69 YOM. Medical Conditions: On-going breathing issues due to collapsed lung.


“It means that I can stay living in this house longer than I thought, and not having to worry about bothering my daughter. It makes me feel better having support, and it’s something nice to do for seniors and the disabled.”

PATIENT PROFILE- Age: 71 YOF. Medical Conditions: Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Hypothyroidism, Venous Insufficiency.